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Welcome to the world of Nevia-Dvorah, where prophecy, coaching, and also female empowerment intersect.

As a contributing writer and lecturer, I have helped individuals tap into their inner wisdom and connect with the divine. With roots in Israel, -as I am Jewish,- and the Torah, my practice centers also on empowering women to lead fulfilling, spiritually rich lives.
Whether you want to explore your creative side, deepen your relationships, or find your life's purpose, I am here to guide and support you.
Also for businessmen and women, I may offer his wisdom also in case of disputes.

I work on a donation basis because I have received HIS wisdom freely and must share it freely. HaShem guides those who are allowed to contribute financially.

Beit-Zata has been officially verified by Payal as a charity.

Want to know more about Beitzata? 

Your prayer support is highly appreciated!

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