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Some Information

Updated: Mar 20

I have only just returned to the Internet from my calling, including LinkedIn, and am already receiving messages with a question, a problem, a need for mediation or a prayer request.

Please know that I always pray for everything, so give credit where credit is due. >> Thank HaShem. I treat every request confidentially.

You can count on that. If I cheat on this, HaShem will not give me the fruit needed to find the answer, solution or prayer.

I work non-profit, I serve my G-d when I serve you and always from HIS wisdom.

However, a donation, which I use for the websites and everything else related to my tasks, is always appreciated.

I don't have a donation button, but my bank account details can be found on the websites. I am switching banks, so the bank account number will be changed.

My prayer request is to pray and stand in agreement for a part-time job that will also help me make some money!


D'Vorah Pnina Meijer


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