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From Caterpillar To Butterfly

During the first Esther Meeting - Women's Day in 2006, I had the privilege of speaking about the journey of women's self-realization in a society that is still marked by differences between man and women.

Butterfly Esthermeeting
Butterfly Esthermeeting

I drew parallels with the metamorphosis of butterflies to illustrate our transformation. After our reflections, the team went to work and prayed with the women, and there was so much softness and tenderness in the presence of Hashem.

G-D gave us another great blessing, wrapped in a serene and nurturing atmosphere. The day was graced by the presence of several beautiful butterflies that suddenly flew into the room during the meeting, which was a divine blessing.

A poignant moment occurred when a woman shared that after the prayers she saw a butterfly land on her hand while she was sitting outside in contemplative silence.

Pictures from the first Esthermeeting, and the Butterfly.

1st Esthermeeting 2006
1st Esthermeeting 2006

Esthermeeting and womenempowerment
Esthermeeting and womenempowerment

D'Vorah Pnina Meijer


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