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About D'Vorah 

The Full Story

As a young child, age 8, I received my first prophetic word for Israel.
I did not know that we are Jewish.
It was precisely during the Six-Day War.
But in the years that followed I heard again and again, also through others,

that I was a late bloomer.
He said to me: "where others stop working, you start again".
He took me on a journey of twenty years, which in Hebrew means
PERFECT WAITING TIME, and I found my Jewish roots.
And along with the promise I have received, I see it happening before my eyes.

We have been living in a small bedroom for two years now.**
I wasn't online much, I had to leave LinkedIn, but the Lord was with us, here in this little room. We learned so much while waiting here for a new place to live.
And suddenly I'm back online, with a new account, I started it two days ago, and the doors are opening and things are changing every day. He will give us a new home and new opportunities.   **The LORD knows why HE allowed certain things. 

We Can Trust HIM! I have some powerful testimonies of His faithfulness at

My hobby's are: Reading, Music, Art, Nature, My sweety pie, Joris, our dog, Philosophy, Writing, Having lovely dinners with my husband Yochanan, who is a wonderful cook, Fitness, Long walks,  and much more.

“[The Jews] are a nation of philosophers; they don’t stop conversing with one another
about the Deity, and in the face of the nightly sky they contemplate the heavenly bodies,
looking up to the stars and calling upon their Deity in prayers.”

– Theóphrastos, Greek philosopher. c. 371 – c. 287 BC
Porphyry (3rd century): On Abstinence from Animal Food. Book II. 

Prophetic Messages

Rachel Baron
Innovation, Solutions & Expansion Strategist

Very dear D'Vorah,
DVORAH was an important prophet,

there is a reason for your name.
D’Vorah is a bee, it pollinates and gives honey.

All the above have a connection to who you are!  
Simply put: “PURE HONEY"

May your light always glow,
and reach all corners of the world,
May it bring warmth, brightness, hope,

and salvation to all who are helpless and less fortunate.

May G-D always shower countless blessings on you
and forever protect you..

These are my websites
Both sites have an info company email address.
All other sites and email addresses claiming to be mine come from someone who is already effectively pretending to be me. Pray for this person who desperately needs help.

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